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Came from Hillsboro, Oregon       

Owned by BEAT

Jade is a well-trained dressage horse. He is leased by BEAT to meet the special needs of independent riders. When properly asked, he dependably begins and continues in the requested gait. This helps a rider know when they have correctly cued him. It makes learning new skills easier.

While Jade is superb at dressage, he is not fond of western tack. He is not used, therefore, where western is the preferred tack or riding discipline for the rider.

Jade has allergies. His special care involves soaking his hay to rinse out dust and pollens.

Breed: Bavarian Warmblood

Birthyear: 1995

Sex: Gelding

Color: Bay

Height: 16.3 Hands 

In Program Since: 2007



Came from Banks, Oregon 

Owned by BEAT.

Zack is an Appaloosa gelding that is great for BEAT because he can do it all!

Zack is very good with kids, while large enough to handle tall adults. He can be ridden in Western, English or Dressage tack and does well in each of these disciplines.

He is an amazing trail horse – steady and willing. One of Zack’s special skills is building confidence in his riders. There can be no better gift in a horse than being able to help their rider build confidence, strength of purpose and focus.  Zack is such a horse.

Breed: Appaloosa

Birthday: 1992

Sex: Gelding

Color: White/brown spotted

Height: 15.3 Hands 

In Program Since: 2012



Came from Vancouver, Washington 

Owned by BEAT

Charlie is a Morgan/Quarter Horse cross mare who walks, trots and canters for her riders. Charlie is experienced in western, trail and dressage. 

Some riders report that Charlie’s special gift starts with her need for consistent love and attention. Charlie also needs to know who is the boss. As the rider becomes a more comfortable leader, Charlie’s respect increases her confidence and determination. This grows into a deep loving partnership with her riders.

Charlie can be a little sassy, so she needs a strong, independent partner. Because of this, Charlie is used with able-bodied riders only. 

(She is also known as ‘Charlie Girl’ because there is a gelding named Charlie in the barn.) 

Breed: Morgan/Quarter Horse

Birthday: 2000

Sex: Mare

Color: Bay

Height: 14 Hands 

In Program Since: 2012



Came from Banks, Oregon

Leased from Horsin-A-Round Stables

Tia came to BEAT in a near-starvation condition. She was timid and did not trust people. In a fortunate match she was paired with a rider who had many of the same issues of trust and self confidence. The magic of therapeutic riding occurred, and they blossomed together into a loving and confident riding pair.  

Her first rider left her with experience in dressage, English and Western riding and with a good base as a friendly riding partner. She continues as an independent rider’s horse but is now sharing herself with riders not as advanced as her first.

She is currently on a partial lease to an intermediate rider and is very happy as an equine star. 

Breed: Arabian

Birthday: 2000

Sex: Mare

Color: Gray

Height: 16 Hands 

In Program Since: 2013



Came from Forest Grove, Oregon

Leased by BEAT 

Morgan is a tall Mustang and sturdy enough to carry our largest challenged riders. Morgan’s best gaits are walk and trot. 

When he first came to BEAT, he was a little lazy and not interested in giving a good forward trot when cued. A teen rider volunteered to work with him, and he soon learned to step out nicely when asked. 

He is now learning to do a willing canter. The volunteer rider is working very hard to bring this gait into the same good form as his trot. We are very grateful for the time she spends with Morgan as she makes him a better BEAT horse.

Morgan is handsome and healthy and an ‘easy keeper’ in horse people language.

Breed: Mustang

Birthday: 1992

Sex: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

Height: 16 Hands 

In Program Since: 2011 



Came from Salem, Oregon 

Leased by BEAT 

Vin is a relatively small but very strong horse. If you have seen the movie Frozen, you will be able to visualize Vin. Vin is very good with lead line beginners through more advanced independent riders. He has been leased by BEAT for almost two decades because his conformation gives him special advantages and skills. His short legs and wide back make him an ideal horse for people with balance issues. He doesn’t mind having side walkers who help steady his rider. His strength means he can be used by full-sized adults as well as small youths.

Vin has Cushing’s disease, which is a dysfunction of the pituitary gland. Cushing’s causes a long thick coat, increased thirst, and abnormal sweating. Special care for Vin includes an individualized diet, extra grooming and frequent haircuts to help him stay cool.

Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Birthday: 1997

Sex: Gelding

Color: Dun w/ dorsal stripe

Height: 14.2 Hands

In Program Since: 2002



Came from Banks, Oregon 

Leased from Jackie Hopper

Skylark is like Vin but a little shorter and narrower. Her height makes it even easier for side-walkers to help steady the rider. Her narrower back makes riding more comfortable for people with tight hips. 

Skylark has more back movement than Vin.  This helps her provide strong lateral and rotational stimulation so that her riders develop better balance through riding. She is ridden by lead line beginners through more advanced independent riders.

Skylark has been an equine therapist since she was 5-years-old. Luckily Skylark has no special needs and is on a normal diet.

Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Birthday: 1999

Sex: Mare

Color:  Dun with dorsal stripe

Height: 14.1 Hands 

In Program Since: 2005



Came from Portland, Oregon

Owned by Janet Bruno 

Opus is a handsome gelding. Standardbreds are solid, well-built horses with a good disposition. The breed was developed, as was the Quarter Horse, in North America. Standardbreds are used for a variety of equestrian activities — including harness racing, competitive and pleasure riding.

He is tall enough to carry some of our larger riders. While his height makes it difficult to have side-walkers, he is good with lead lines. 

Opus is used with beginner riders through intermediate level to independent riders. He can walk, trot and canter. Opus is generally healthy with no special care needs. 

Breed: Quarter Horse/Standardbred

Birthday: 1996

Sex: Gelding 

Color: Dun

Height: 16 Hands 

In program since ???

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